This is for those who truly love their whiskey. These connoisseurs of the spirit world want more than just the first release—they want first access to a cask and their slice of the whiskey inside. They want to be a part of the Central Coast’s first whiskey distillery, so they can share their love of whiskey with others. After all, the more whiskey, the better.

Shipyard Masters will be able to choose their whiskey, either single-malt or sour-mash, and taste the journey of its maturation.

Once chosen, you’ll be assigned a cask number and given a members’ certificate that specifies the exact cask your whiskey will be drawn from. You’ll also receive the Shipyard Ageing Kit, allowing you to experience the process of ageing whiskey at home.

At 12 months, one 350ml bottle of spirit will be drawn from your cask and sent to you so you can taste the journey of your whiskey. At maturity (approx. 2.5 years), 12 x 350ml bottles will be drawn from your assigned cask and bottled at 40% ABV.

FOR $1000


12 x 350ml bottles of whiskey at maturation from your assigned cask

1 x 300ml bottle of new-make spirit and the Shipyard Ageing Kit

1 x 350ml bottle of spirit one year into your aging journey, drawn from your assigned cask

A welcome letter from the distiller

A branded tasting glass to enjoy your whiskey from

A certificate of membership with your member number

A certificate that specifies the exact cask your whiskey is being drawn from

First access to our new releases

Access to future members’ only promotions and products



Jump aboard and join the Shipyard ranks! We all know that good things come to those who wait—just like our whiskey. In saying that, we know you’re excited to try our eagerly anticipated first release, too.

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Become the Captain of your whiskey’s journey by creating your own cask of either Australian single-malt or sour-mash whiskey, aged in your choice of a new American oak cask or an Australian ex-wine cask.

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